Writerscreed Interviews: @soulreserve


Our next interview is with @soulreserve.  Soulreserve has written over 1000 pieces of
contemporary poetry and has a great readership on her Tumblr blog – Her poetry explores love and its tumultuousness, the
fantasy and zest in nature, allegories that provoke thought and evoke tender
feelings. All this belies her real profession, she’s been a software engineer
for over 11 years. She also writes about science, technology, travel and
ecology. She enjoys the perks of being a wallflower. But you can reach her at

WC: What’s the story behind your url?

S: Looking back at 2015 when I started writing poetry here,
it was the first time I would let the outside world in on my innermost
thoughts. I wanted a name that would convey my private and shy nature. And how
these poems I carried in my soul, were my very essence. One day SoulReserve
came to me and I decided to use it.

WC: that’s beautiful

WC: What got you into writing?

S: Aww thanks! 😘

S: Writing was always an escape. Complex poems in which I
could cipher away my thoughts. But the more I wrote the easier things became.
Until the poems could take me away and bring me back at a moment’s notice.

WC: Writing can always be a lovely escape.

WC: What do you write about? is there a topic you tend to
gravitate towards?

S: Yes I write about love. Lost love. New found love.
Wistfulness of love. And I write about nature. I love the outdoors.

WC: Did anything significant happen in your life that has
led you to heavily write about love and nature?

S: The thing I seek most is closure. Many of my relationships
ended abruptly, with either me leaving or them. The heartbreaks left a scar,
took away a piece of me without me getting a chance to move on. Nature was
always there, healing and forgiving when all else was volatile.

WC: Closure makes some of the most heartfelt pieces.

WC: Who are some of your favorite writers?

S: I love reading almost as much as I love writing. My
favourite author is J. R. R. Tolkein and his book Lord of the Rings. J. D.
Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye, Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, Tim
Winton’s The Turning and Stephen King’s The Shining are my other favourites.

S: I have more than a handful of tumblr writers whose works I
adore – Litglob, Definegodliness, Mikefrawley, Aubriestar, Writteninjoy2,
Teacup13,  Thissometimepoet,
Madworlddiary,  Aftersalt and
Chucklingpecan. There are many many more whom I read and love!

WC: Lord of the rings is a favorite of mine as well.

WC: Why do you like writing?

S: I think writing is a calling. I am restless without it.
For many years in the beginning writing was just a hobby, but now I am pursuing
it professionally too. It is a fulfilling pursuit.

S: And I am so much better for it.

WC: That’s awesome!

WC: How long have you been writing?

S: I have been writing forever! For the love of it, since I
could hold a pencil. On my Tumblr blog, since April 2015. Professionally, since
2016. I didn’t believe I was a writer though, that has taken some time to sink
in. But finally I am waking up to the reality. I am a writer 🙂

WC: Well, we’re all glad that you’re here.

WC: Last question, any fun facts you’re willing to share?

S: haha I am not sure if they are “fun”, but here
are a few facts about me:

a. I dread water and I don’t know how to swim. But I have
snorkelled in Malaysia, been with a deep dive team at an underwater shipwreck
in Brunei and waded far into the sea through waist-deep waters at Rottnest
Island. I am lucky nothing’s ever gone wrong!

b. I love the frangipani and consider it my spirit flower.
The bobtail is my spirit animal.

c. I have two very green thumbs and thanks to them, a
thriving garden. I can turn anything around into a living lush happy plant –
from seed, to saplings and cuttings. And sometimes even roadside prunings or
clippings. But no matter how hard I try I can’t seem to grow herbs!

d. I love writing songs that just sit on my PC. I am too
wary of my voice to sing them out aloud.

e. I call my mom at least once every day. Mostly to hear her
talk about her day.

f. I always start my day with a writing warm-up, a short
story or a poem, and I have uncovered some of the most fascinating ideas through
that practice.

S: Thank you so much for this!

WC: I love it!

WC: Thank you for sharing

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