Writer’s Un-block

When we are in love
we write,
we still write,
when we are heartbroken;
We write when everything is lost,
or found,
of things we have in common,
of when new journeys are taken;
We write of grace,
of penance,
of absolution;
We write,
when we wish to feel,
when we felt what we couldn’t tell,
when we want to relay,
everything we cannot speak;
When we hold something
close and dear,
sacred, observations, trip through the Earth;
We pen down these rivers
running through us,
our stories,
our mysteries,
our glorious purity;
We scribble painted words,
dented souls,
tainted evenings,
and rantings;
We drain,
and then, somehow
we regain our compulsion
to always
write again…

© SoulReserve 2015

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