I feel like I’m missing so many amazing poets I used to follow but can’t remember the urls of now.
Who should I follow??
Tell me your fave tumblr poets!

Get ready for a long list!

@afadthatlastsforever @alfawrites @aliciangreenpoetry @alisonmalee @amreampoetry (me, lol) @atticuspoetry @b-devinepoetry @betweenthislifeandnext @brightlightsloudnoises @christopherpoindexter @christyannmartine @darkredrogue @harpreetmdayal @imthatwildflower @jmstormquotes @johnmarkgreenpoetry @josechavespoetry @ktownejr @matthewspenser @meanwhilepoetry @michaeljkrafft @mingdliu @mohdabrar @nerualjessica @nrhartpoet @officialiwrotethisforyou @poetjonnyox @rmdrk @rogueauthor @runelazuli @satsune @soulreserve @staciehammondwrites @tashtoo @thepoeticprocess @tylerknott @wordsbyraquelfranco


Awww thank you for the mention!! That’s a lovely list!! *hugs*

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