Who Saves Our World?

man crucifies, the one who enlightens lives;
man shoots to kill, another who saves India;
man mercilessly, finds, scores from the mother Earth,
that can never be replaced in an instant;
man stains the waters,
man pollutes the air and the rivers;
man builds industries, that take away the trees, the forests, the lungs,
and man rapes the orangutans;
man keeps animals far away from their homes,
in zoos, where we can look and praise, God’s work.
man creates money and markets to barter goods,
giving away most to the one percent;
and breaking rifts and gaps in his people;
man wears skins and drives cars,
that hurt, everything but us;

our world is shook, rained down upon in tears
from joyous creatures
who understand nothing of our happiness.

© soulreserve 2015

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