What other writers do you like on here?


@broken-bell – he has a voice i wish i had, his work is astouding, honestly my favorite writer here.
@eunoiaschaos – her words are majestically ethereal.
@soulreserve – their words probably come from light itself
@adamantseal – their words are raw & strung together so well.
@wolfdownwords – his voice is powerful & sad sometimes, but well worth the read.
@anonymous-hoper – a voice so sad, i fell in love with words i’ve felt in my chest.
@greenish-orange – their works are very interesting & i’d love to swim in their head to find out more.
@dhritspoetry – honestly so beautiful & takes me to another dimension of softness.

there are so many wonderfully talented writers i’ve come across on here, i hope, dear anon, you discover them all. i’ll probably add more to this list later on.

I am humbled and touched. Sending love and light your way 💕

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