Warm Echo of Forgotten Dreams

He is like the breeze that breathes,
into my slumbering mind
resting in thoughtlessness far away from time…
Hope that crawls, effervescent and grieved
a mildew on a leaf
it sprays a shadow over halted dreams
All while I sleep…
Wakefulness is only a thought away
but I have no wish to take
repudiation, my heart can’t face
the trepidation,
yet again…
Boring through the veins it plagues
and plays, a shallow tune
so melancholy, it claims
the breathlessness of roaring ecstasy.
And tied down with heavy acceptance
that denied
a smaller predilection
I have become an ocean of seamless reflection.
In my mind, a disjoint whole
In my heart, an echo
of a tale, that may or may not have been!

© soulreserve 2015

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