As the wind,
in its soundless
bluescape of stillness,
flutters leaves in an
endless cascade of smells

the meadow’s grassleaf,
fragrant in its peaceful
countenance of poise,
shorn by my embrace of
a yellow-candled sun

so mixed with Spring’s
rout of gracious blue
in the rush of pines
around me blushed
in azure-true abundance

so immersed am I in your love
in the passion of your
meadows this open Place
in homage to your infinite
rush of life held in time

-even for a moment-
you are countless


© K. James Ribble / Bluescape of Stillness



you are
muddled, mingled
that spill and un-spill
sifting down from my sky – that holds
so much more than
countless possibilities.

you are the infinite shades
that are splayed between the whole,
softly iridescent
untraceable, as you ebb and flow
ebb and flow
among the waves.

and I hold you
between my lips, inside my eyes
within my dreams
hushed like the fading light of day,
like the fleeting beauty of night,
delicate… breaking… as you open to me.

© SoulReserve 2020

Thank you so much for the magical poem, @thespiandrummer. I knew there was a response in me, but I don’t know if it is anywhere close to the beauty you created <3

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