The Summer Sun

Nirvana! my tropical heaven,
with the breaking sweat on my skin,
hot and indulging;
Like spurts of lava,
from beneath the surface, brimming;

Deep polished uneven rays,
piercing all obscure concentrations of haze,
exploding, heavenward,
making me feel alive, again,

Euphoria bursting through the layers,
I shed;
At the first thought of morning…
rising, red ambers,
then walking, on them,
with my tiptoe feet;

Burning the phoenix, within,
collecting the ashes,
feeling fiery and brave…

Blissful recognizance,
of sultry leisure,
so much verve, in this, one,
at the mouth of the all consuming summer,
my summer sun.

© soulreserve 2015

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