That Morning Kiss

Your tongue is meant to roll,
through grasslands,
fields of sunkissed cheeks,
breathtaking hills of daffodils;
Before saying the words,
that mean the sunrise to me;
That break like dawn,
from the tresses of hair,
fallen on my morning face;
That hop and skip,
all puddles of rainwater,
hugging the streets;
I feel them,
take life in my newfound,
sounds my heart makes,
of the wind,
picking the leaves;
And me picking myself up,
to look into your eyes,
and hear,
your voice whisper, gently
“I love you”, you say
The blush,
of a thousand skies merges,
into my golden smile,
as my arms find,
you to hide myself in;
Hide the spring,
from coming too quickly,
it is summer yet,
there is time still.

© soulreserve 2015

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