First things first

Thank you @definegodliness for sharing your first Tumblr post. The simplicity, the range of colors and the thought that went into the making of your art, along with the heart-wrenching little poem, such a brilliant combination! 

It is fascinating that we started posting

near about

the same time, I on 4th of April 2015 🙂 My first post was a poem ‘Silver Songs’, a poem I am kinda proud of. It is a satire of sorts on the state of affairs of our society – People who undervalue themselves are victimized by the people with a majority mindset and when the tables turn, ordinarily we would expect large-scale change, however this is seldom the case. Only a different people are then repressed. The poem is also a reflection on people’s obsession with the ‘right’ skin color…

I tag @lzlabs, @mikefrawley @the-sum-of-many-poets, @words-bysu, @aubriestar, @rhymesalot. Please tell us about your first post and share in the joy of knowing

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