I was tagged by the interesting shentoncarrington! Thank you! Here goes something haha:
One song: Yellow by Coldplay (for the music and that starting line – Look out the stars, how they shine for you..)
Two movies:  The Prestige (Hugh Jackman, thank you!), Metropolis (one movie with so much sense packed into it.)
Three shows: Breaking bad (for Heisenberg), Kaiji (Japanese anime with an awesome storyline), Masterchef Australia (makes me like cooking a little bit)
Four people: Mahatma Gandhi, Glenn Edward Greenwald, Richard Bach, Ray Charles. (I cannot begin to get into the reasons, but each of them have had a significant impact on making me who I am.)
Five foods: Sushi, Tom Yam Soup, Ginger Chicken (the way they make it with all the right ingredients and a tad more ginger than normal yumm), Pancakes (any time any day), Currywurst (only the Germans got the sausage right).
Six people: merseawaves, kanashii-ai, jeanlucponty, mikefrawley, chimerawitch, z3ng33kgr7

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