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The rule is to copy down the last line I wrote, and tag as many people as there are letters in that line. 

“…my soulful black eyes will be charcoal shaded blurs that reveal
(too) much too little of what I feel.” from a poem I call ‘watercolour’. I will post it here soon enough…

Since that is a looooong-ass sentence, I tag a whole bunch of yous @shentoncarrington , @fakesurprise , @cmesparkle , @teacup13 , @highlandsmistwoman@jewelrygirl82 , @alexandraswritingblock , @rarasworldbro, @behind-the-sun , @mist2myst , @gspoems, @jmhillman@writteninjoy2 ,@wachtuiltje, @sealanehill, @chucklingpecan , @randomlyjay, @strikezilla01, @shabdpurvaiya, @madworlddiary, @maggierella , @165poundsofregret, @jimmicisme, @jimmyblues1, @ellenya, @ambroseharte, @mariposaheart, @definegodliness,

And everyone who wants to play!

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