Such a thing of beauty,
flying without being caught in a web of dreams

© soulreserve 2015 (a speck of love)

‘But the threads still linger on our feathers.’
- Karen Isabella. (via snowyowlpost)

“I dare say nothing will hold us back, these lingering threads or the evergreen dreams. We are meant to soar today! So it will be <3″

- © soulreserve 2015 (via soulreserve)

‘Flowing through the currents of the wind,
weaving our own designs.
Cruising these waters,
making our own journey
through these endless times.’

- Karen Isabella. (via snowyowlpost)

“together always, in love…always…towards always…always…no matter how much of us is left behind”

- © soulreserve 2015 (via soulreserve)

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