what holds you back
when I know
the sky is deep
and worth falling into?

I have dreams
of us
stealing moments
thick as thieves
and lonely,
I reach out
and kiss you,
and nestle my whole
into your abandoned,
we lie
and you read
my secrets under street lamps
that flicker
as I shut my eyes,
I let you
your fingers on my body
light as I am fragile,
but this rising heat is endless
I feel burnt, tormented
you say nothing,
this quiet
like our breathing, is sacred

I haven’t loved
like this

I let my whispers tell you
soothe you, as I cradle
soon we will be gone,
and dreams
will dismantle.

we are one
somewhere, don’t you think
we are together,
even when we shouldn’t be?
even when it couldn’t be?
the sands, these gossamer
slip through my fingers
what stays
you ask?

© SoulReserve 2017

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