Of everything in the universe,
this is the most bizarre;
A searing, scorching, sweltering star;
Reprimanded, condemned or just abandoned,
in its existence;
It burns itself to ashes light years from,
the civilization;

Imagine a school of stars and each one,
punished and shamed;
They suffer resolutely, this unworldly pain;
And we as lovers, as children, as patriots claim,
we have tolerated atrocities and we have the stars to blame;
Even as they burn out and fall away,
we make our wishes and have them save,
our little darkened worlds;
and light our little darkened souls;

With these consuming thoughts, I lie awake,
and send across a petty prayer;
“Let there be light, even if stars fade,
give us enough to last through the day;
Give us resplendent nights of answers we crave;
And depleting questions we may dare to brave.”

© soulreserve 2015

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