was there a beginning, for us?

was there a beginning for us?
like rings on
revolving planets
we were always there,
a whorl of dust
and cloudy remnants
of what came before us,
even when we met for the first time,
your smile was
a constellation of stars
so familiar,
and your touch
was where
I truly belonged,

passing time was written in songs
on our very souls
that played when we kissed, darling
the meaning etched
into this moving shifting universe
was revealed,
as was every secret of the cosmos,
and the sun shone brighter
the world became more real
it all became clear
and life became liveable…

there is safety in your embrace
I have known
like I was in search
treading a winding path
until I found you,
and you found me
but, now there can only be peace.

© SoulReserve 2018

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