A soul to bare,
a heart to protect,
there are secrets in there,
I must defend;

Secrets that burrow
deeper each day like
dozens of tiny larvae
burrowing into an apple.

Within me they stay,
and lay their eggs,
they sprout wings,
turn into dreadful things;

They become filthy hands
and twisted words, become
these stained hands twisting
the noose around my neck.

Each day I survive this,
put on a happy face,
while they crawl away,
I just wait, for seasons to change.

© californiacougar and soulreserve 2015    

(This is a work of collaboration between californiacougar and soulreserve. It has the both of us in one poem, our styles and our individuality 🙂 and our exploration of ‘Secrets’ <3)

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