The towers of thought
of steel cold reason
like a framework of art
here heavy things will rest
It is cast and forged
with a great force
of wind and fire
nuts and bolts
It is placed on the stone
of the heart
stacked on
one too many in number
one following another
in the maze of order
building cities
where there is no hope
no electricity
no roads
everything is vertical
wanting to touch lateral
of my mind
towers scraping off layers
of ceiling
that fall off
into the darkness
in between the poles
everything is known
the holes break through
the unknown
and a little bit of the mind
oozes free
I am inclined
to walk along these stairs
and reach new heights
from where I can overlook
and exclaim
at the progress
I have made
of how less I remain of myself
with time.
Neither this strength
nor this survival is mine.

© soulreserve 2015

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