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1. What color do you feel connected to

2. Do you believe in higher powers?

3. How easily do you forgive?

4. Beach or forest?

5. Favorite color to wear?

6. A song with a good memory attached to it?

7. A song with a bad memory?

8. Do you feel like you fit in?

9. Would you rather be in school or have summer break be longer?

10. Are you a secretive person?

11. One place you would love to visit

12. Ferns or succulents?

13. An unpopular opinion?

14. One thing that has changed your perspective on life?

15. What is one thing you used to regret but don’t anymore?

16. Believe in true love?

17. Disney or Pixar?

18. One thing you wish you could change?

19. One thing you hope stays the same?

20. Would you change the past if you could?

21. Do people say you’re too hard on yourself?

22. Are you trendy?

23. Favorite type of fashion?

24. If you could have one power what would it be?

25. Do you believe in second chances?

26. Do you worry about being forgotten?

27. Are you looking for a relationship?

28. What is one thing you dislike about yourself?

29. What is one thing you love about yourself?

30. Do you have a secret account on any form of social media?

31. Favorite season / weather?

32. Do you listen to sounds to fall asleep?

33. Do you bottle up emotions?

34. Do you have a journal to write in when you’re upset?

35. Do you have a crush right now?

36. What do you find attractive?

37. One thing you used to hate but now love?

38. Do you have a stronger connection with your family or friends?

39. Are you future orientated?

40. One thing you’re worried about in the future?

41. What do you do when you’re bored?

42. Mermaids or angels?

43. Favorite song?

44. What are you anxious about right now?

45. If you had to choose one dream job one right now, no matter how crazy, what would it be?

46. Do you believe in karma?

47. Do you want revenge or peace?

48. Do you like Pokémon? If so what’s your favorite Pokémon?

49. Would you rather be a youtuber or a streamer?

50. Do you think about alternate universes?

51. One thing that you love about your friends?

52. Are you scared of love?

53. How long was your longest phone call?

54. Do you believe in soulmates? (Platonic ones too)

55. One thing you’re worried people will make fun of you about?

Sorry I have not been around much lately. I know I would love to be. I didn’t realize just how inactive I’ve been since some of you reached out and asked if I was okay?! <3 Thank you for caring!

I found these asks and thought them to be interesting. So if you’ve got time I am here to chat. Ask away 🙂

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