Pretty City Asks

London: How do you take your tea?
Paris: Describe your favorite kiss.
Dublin: Do you believe in Soul mates?
Oslo: What keeps you warm?
Amsterdam: What is your ideal night out?
Los Angeles: What would you change about yourself?
Milan: How do you think others describe you?
Prague: What is your favorite season?
New York City: What gets you up in the morning?
Hong Kong: What is your earliest childhood memory?
Tel Aviv: What is your favorite thing about your family?
Las Vegas: Have you ever broken a heart?
Madrid: Describe your aesthetic.
Chicago: What do you ache for?
Toronto: Describe your ideal partner.
Sorrento: What is your weakness?
Cairo: Whats your favorite quote?
Budapest: What tattoo do you want?
Mumbai: What is your favorite scent
Stockholm: What scares you?

Ok, so I am feeling brave enough today. If you’ve got asks I have the answers 🙂

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