Prayer for Bruno

My dog passed away this Friday and his demise is hard to accept for me. I am torn. As I think back I realize that we have lived two whole days without him, today. It hits me hard when I think about it. Missing him will soon become part of life, for there are countless memories. There is not one picture of my family that is complete without him. He was the baby of the house. The one who loved the most. The one who was the most fragile. Sleeping under the couch, licking his paws, gulping his food down, lapping up the water, frolicking when he walked, making friends, barking at the cows, chasing the cats and losing, greeting people with the wag of his tail. 

I do have a prayer. I wish he finds his heaven where he will be spared all pain. Where he can reunite with friends and family. Where he will never be cold or alone…

My little one,
of the golden world,
There are cracks in my heart,
your departure has caused;
May you find your doggie heaven,
where you shall wag your tail,
and those twinkly eyes,
in which laughter plays,
may they find all things for you to have;
My boo, you can finally rest.
Our home is empty, so much love is missing.
So much love is missing.

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