Did I have a choice?
Could I listen
to the words you whispered
and not close my eyes?
Senses dissolving
gullible me
Could I
not pray
not, make you a God?
Devoted like a heartbeat is,
like breath is,
like light is to a lamp,
which burns
in its stead.
Could I hold back?
While you kissed me
and then not hunger
for more?
Stray, from your touch
not, come undone
under your sensual caress?
Could I stop?
your melting brown eyes
from driving me wild?
From the way
your thoughts possess me?
Could I just
watch myself be pulled
into the sorcery
of your love
and not believe it?

© SoulReserve 2016

If you see a puddle on the floor-
please don’t step in it…
my whole being just melted…

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