New Age Addict


Eyes register,
Hands greet,
Smiles collide,
Names are exchanged,
Worlds intersect,
We engage;
We know each other,
now lets connect,
over the internet;
Within that space,
lets evaluate,
Create our avatar and persona,
profiles and timelines,
and domains,
of little knowledge;
Lets fore-play,
social niceties,
behind the screens,
of conversations,
for which we google content;
Proclaim sins;
Post pictures,
of us doing dubious things;
And then decline/block,
who don’t fit,
our bill;
We judge and control,
who sees our lives,
who is a friend,
and who is a foe;
We smirk, and keep them all close;
We create a network,
of anonymous followers,
government stalkers,
and random admirers;
Fervently juggle messages and reports;
It’s a live show,
and its called life on the go.

© soulreserve 2015

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