My Wild and Beautiful

Your wilderness,
Your body, is your charm;
Like the long forgotten winter sun,
Where moonlight has touched in abundance
Icicles teeth out,
your skin’s soft contour;
Where cold is like a coil of a snakes’s lair,
Only inside, within mounds of heaped-up smoke,
Gurgling waters of Gothic lore;
So cruel,
you’d hate to be disturbed;
I have made you a mate of my new found love,
Loving you rough,
With calloused hands,
Entering you through trenches, I dig with fangs.
Curving you, carving you,
as much as my body can.
You hiss, you roar,
You beg for more…
You deceive my passion with a bloody scratch,
I can take all that;

But then when you lay,
sore and awake,
transparent and brave.
I carry you.
My wild, raving, beautiful.

© soulreserve 2015

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