Music – Affliction & Cure

@definegodliness tagged me to play, thank you <3 Here, I have three pairs of songs that hit me on completely opposite sides of my emotional spectrum. Afflictions and cures, so to say. This is a deep reveal, even to me! I didn’t know I base so much on music…

Affliction: Daydreaming/ drifting
Song: Li Bai – Drinking Alone by Moonlight
Cure: Love and a little pick me up
Song: Zeb & Haniya (Coke Studio) – Bibi Sanam Janem

Affliction: Forever seeking closure
Song: Coldplay – The Scientist
Cure: Forgiveness and grace
Song: Life of Pi (Soundtrack) – Tiger Vision

Affliction: Emotions/chaos/feeling too much
Song: Brian Eno – By This River
Cure: Meditation and self-love
Song: Lotus (Dragonhunters Soundtrack) – Jalan Jalan

I tag @sealanehill @thespiandrummer @thewordsmithsforge @404writewords @penumbralpoet @madelinescatharsis to try this out <3

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