I feel your love
like the moon’s light
and shadow
soft and glowing
deep and darkening
ebbing and flowing
around me,

and from within
the tucks of my soul
a faint aura unfurls 
and responds 
with a secret
love of my own,

delicate like the flower
that only blooms for the moon.

© SoulReserve 2019

I feel your love the most,

Because I dare to let you in,

When the real essence of me,

Denies access and entry, to those who be hating, lying thieves.

I am neither the sun or the moon,

But I understand both deeply too.

I am me, well liked and deeply loved,

But in the wrong reality.

And no matter how much hate you project, how many lies you spew, or no matter what it is to me that you true to do,

I’ll stay true to my own humanity too.

I love you, but given the last three or four years,

How much hope am I supposed to have, and what do you want me to do?

– I have feelings too, and I still love you, but I get tired too


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