Tell me your secrets,
tell me your thoughts;
Tell me what made you,
what breaks you apart;
Tell me these silences,
are hard;
Tell me of your stories,
what tears you inside,
what gives you a laugh;
The fears that make you
want to give up,
or the mistakes that hold you,
where did you start?
Tell me of your childhood,
of the lanes you walked;
What you bought?
And what you sought?
Tell me of the wrinkles,
those age old scars;
The marks that time left,
and your theories on stars;
Tell me that you lived,
tell me that you fought,
for what you want;
Tell me why these walls,
were built, why they
circle your heart?
Tell me of the lost,
if you were hurt,
how far?

I want to know,
what your poetry masks,
at the surface of surfaces,
beneath it all,
who you really are?

© soulreserve 2015

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