Man to Chimpanzee

Thoughts revolt
at the thought of control;
Freedom is home
and home, means choices,
To decide, my regime
within the whole society;
To give up,
your method, your rule,
So you could
Underestimate, my anarchy,
For yours.
Our superiority
not as a race, but just a face;
One on one,
chaos, at that pace;
Tumbling down trees,
in a rain-forest,
with savage haste;
not thinking, what if…
Heaven tilts,
to the sound of bees,
And drums beat;
Thumping our chests,
like wild beasts;
Hovering over fruit-laden canopies;
Provoking each other to join in,
Man to chimpanzee,
That is our creed.

© soulreserve 2015

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