Love’s Powerplay


Whisper to me, silently
that you live
away maybe, in my dreams.
That you breathe
into me, callous harmony
evading nothing…

Sweet is the love, of your waiting.
Call on me.
I am fevered, I have lendings.
I could never be free.

The nights are crystal, balmy…
Walk with me.
When the rivers, azure are leading…
follow the stream.

Bitter screams, scratch off surfaces,
on which I have seen,
saved up and laminated your images,
that never should have been.

Holding hands with a ghost,
of radiating light beams.
That is how I see you,
see me.

You are my companion.
Though my journey is solitary.
Cruising this universe in crafts,
made of sterile ivory.

I incept you
with honey.
That you will drink,
at my beckoning.

Dip and drip,
in mercury.
Dipped in sodden, murky, filthy,
poisonous catastrophe.

I hold you dear.
I dread you will abandon me.
So I set you safe,
in a castle of my making.

© soulreserve 2015

Shrouded in a dark cloak, this poem is a blunt exaggeration of what we all mean by love. Is love always sweet, yearning and innocent? Let me explain…

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