Lost Couplets

I loved you the way you were, I collected all your broken pieces one by one. You had wrenched shards from the ceiling into yourself, and some lost pieces were just that. I did not understand you without them, so I bandaged pickled sentiments, I had saved up years ago. I dissolved your wounds with burnt tips of silver. I washed your hair, laden with entanglements I never sought to have. I poured drops into your lifeless eyes, then glass now prisms of secret sighs. I kissed you, feeling your lips dead against mine, cold and rubbery. I ran my hands over the flesh, that smelled of faint decay, you let me. And when everything was alright, we were embracing, huddled naked skins under the running waters, I realised, this is how love is meant to be, your tragedy and my tears, a midnight. Curved crescent backbones held together by whatever balm, made us now, heal, hurt, curse. Gritty sand grains wrenched between jaws full of slowly receding saliva of horrors. Breathing in blood-clots, catching in the fabricated granules of tumors. Never having enough, just enough to hope, when one day I break from overuse, someone else would care for me the way I did for you, and I would laugh then, under pretence silence…for the hungry couplets of our souls seeking selfish connections in all this astounding chaos.

© soulreserve 2015

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