I do not whisper your name
I fear
the breath I draw
will pull out my soul
and lay me hollow
on the ground where the sun
doesn’t ever touch.

I do not look for your face
in the crowd
my eyes see you float
and flutter under moth-eaten
in the tender bruised skins
of figs, I imagine my heart.

you’ve left. here.
you’ve left me. and I try not to think
of it.
like all the places that were warm
are no longer
and the void grows to swallow me.
in one big gulp. dark and moist and lonely.

© SoulReserve 2020

This took a lot for me to write. I sat gazing at the word – loss – for weeks and it brought out some of the darkest, loneliest feelings. I hope loss isn’t like this for you dear @lonelyroadrunner <3 Thank you for the ask. 

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