Inspired by #SoulReserve

Someone sent me this (2 part) poem yesterday and I am struck by the beauty of their chosen words, I am moved to tears…I would love to know who it is?? Dear poet, this is not a piece you would leave in somebody’s inbox without taking any credit for it

Whoever it is, I wish you happiness and love, and yes a warm home for you to sleep in. I am delighted and amazed that my words have inspired you, I am sure we will have more to talk about.

Please reach out to me… 

I hope you like the title and the punctuation I added to your work. 

‘The Embrace of Stars’ 

“Gazing at the starlit sky,
Tufts and wisps of clouds floating by;
This giant cave of forgotten dreams,
And howls of wolves’ echoless screams;
The dewy grass beneath me crushed,
Seedheads and blades ‘gainst my skin brushed;
A glimpse of paradise unfolds,
The universe in its embrace holds;
A battered soul, a body bruised
A broken heart, a mind confused;
A story new, a tale untold;
The old Indian by the fire told,
Of battle in which they all fought;
Their lives, their loves, everything lost.
They left me here to bleed and die;
No pain to feel, no tears to cry,
A little warmth is all I seek,
A tiny little home to sleep…”

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