In My Nature…

I remember things,
like they are rings growing inside of me;
I age,
like a tree;
Infinite and big,
keeping everything locked within,
I store, pages,
that they make of me,
And never write in them;
Whilst they take it all away,
nature waters me;
Birds and monkeys embrace me;
My soil is nurtured,
with the deepest love,
My own leaves they sacrifice,
their lives for me;
Fall, and its beautiful when they do,
and make manure for me;
These wines and creepers,
that grow on me,
like acquired taste,
bloom flowers and petals,
of different race,
they cover me;
An undisturbed ever-changing micro-world,
I am not just me,
I am all of it.
Be here and see…

© soulreserve 2015

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