I was tagged by the beautiful and talented @wednesdayshambles. Thank you <3

Relationship Status: Taken/ Lost / In Love – the ghosts of my
mind speak at once. You decide.

: Business Analyst. Amateur poet.

Favorite Colors
: Silver and Pink.

: One, dead and I am still in mourning.

Wake Up Time
: The time of my choosing.

Cats or Dogs
: Mostly dogs. Cats sometimes.

Coke or Pepsi
: Any kind of tea would suit me better.

Days or Nights
: Mornings mean sunrises. Nights mean reading and writing. And the
cycle of day and night, endless gray in between the black and white – I like some of that too.

Text or Call
: Text followed by call followed by text. I am clingy.

Chapstick or Lipstick
: Chapstick.

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