i am 3

I am ready to celebrate my 3rd Anniversary on Tumblr! That’s right @soulreserve will be 3!!

It’s a great feeling! Seeing how far I’ve come and how much your love and support has meant to me through these transformational years.

This year I am going to make a special effort to give back to the poetry/writing community. I want to make place for writers and poets who inspire me. I want to showcase their work on my blog. And if that brings them greater exposure, attention and love it will be because they totally deserve it <3

Let me start by giving a shoutout to @tabzniac whom I discovered quite recently. Their work is extremely touching. And they have a knack for artistic self-expression. I especially loved the video titled “Am I Evil” that they made and posted on youtube, and on here. Take a look and show @tabzniac some love!

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