Himalayan Words

My words hold ground
there are no mole hills around;
There are conifers that tower,
touching the skies,
with their fingers;
There are forts hidden,
grey and sentient,
in the vicinity;
Songs of peace,
reverberate and
carry from the monasteries,
perched among the clouds;
People sing,
and dance uninhibited…
Dense mists veil,
these canopied,
of fresh pine
and pine-cones
fall through everything;
There are spritely springs
of water,
that burst
and tumble free
and are released into,
this wilderness;
The tranquil sun,
walks through windows,
some of the chill;

my words will
always hold ground
for I am born
of the mountains
and those Himalayan peaks
rise in me.

© soulreserve 2015

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