hide and seek


I know you
you’re the kid who hid
under the bed with hands pressed
against your ears, eyes screwed shut,
taking comfort in
the steady breathing of the monsters
that lay beneath–
dark, you thought, is peaceful compared
to the shattering light outside.

is it you, the shadow pausing
in the middle of the footbridge
enthralled by the colliding lights
of passing cars going elsewhere
maybe wonderland
tapping your foot to mute hymns
ringing from distant memories
hitchhiking with eyes afire set
in hollowed skull.

and you walk
with me in your pocket
giggling at the way the air of this city
brings tears in the eyes of those
who wear themselves thin
shedding dreams like laundry
flipping love like coins–
seeking that patch of home
in a kindred soul


One Who Knows Me

I didnt know you then
behind my words,
that were built like a fortress,
you seemed to find me;
They spoke to you of my dreams,
they revealed,
my needs,
my anguish;
Speaking my language,
you deciphered,
of my sweetness,
my whims;
I strolled with you,
night walks,
into my poems;
And you took it all in
the thunder,
the clouds,
the rain,
the wind,
these ever dissolving scenes.
You read me,
plain as night-and-day
that has flown by since then.

And now
I know you
as the one who knows me ❤

© soulreserve 2015

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