Hey, you! Yes, you. All of you.


Thank you so much! I’m greatly appreciative of all of you supporting my writing. I tremendously value all of you who have spent your time reading my worthless words for giving me reason to work on it. I don’t have a big base of followers that like my work, but I am so thankful for those of you who have taken note(ha, I’m awful) of my work. Many of you have been with me for most of my online, writing jouney, and many of you have been very kind to me, or helped shaped my portfolio in one way or another. Many of you are absolutely stunning writers and people, so, for me, nothing quite compares to the soft joy I recieve when I see or hear one of you has enjoyed one of my pieces.
Whoever sees this, regardless of how often you interact with me virtually or physically, I cherish you. Do not ever lose what makes you you, and, if you haven’t yet found it, I hope you do soon. Be great, be glorious, be true to you.
And in without further ado, thanks to all of you, old and new(in no particular order): @vasilinaorlova, @smakka–bagms, @soulreserve, @adudewritingpoetry, @callistofrozecalypso, @anjo-da-guarda-me, @lilylunaofasgard, @shentoncarrington, @ishanijasmin, @street-heart-posts, @rodolfo9999, @nightofvanity, @katrinnac, @rarasworldbro, @juansendizon, @kaaatemoooonnnica, @layla-and-majnun, @thepoetwithnoface, @demonsanddahlias, @lomtunzi, @mentamorphisis, @pomegranatepithos, @styrofoamthoughts, @silver-afternoons, @theadventureto-be, @amadeuswolfe, @infranaut, @ellenya, @ninjadebris, @eerie-soliloquies, @jarfidd, @leafsea, @readattheshow, @eloquentmelon, @perfidyinparis, @murderestfish, and I’m sorry to anyone else who has helped me out along the way that I have not named here(read: forgot).
I know I’m an unreliable source of content(qualitative or quantitative), but I will work to improve on that once I find my lost mojo. Stay tuned till next time. Peace

That ^^ is a fabulous list and you picked some of my favorite poets from Tumblr 🙂 Thank you for the *warm hug* of a message and a place on the beautiful list. I thoroughly enjoy your work @poetry-for-the-dead, please keep at it <3 

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