Hey there… I just came across your blog and i’m curious… what’s the story behind your name?

Dear Anon,

Thank you for reaching out and for your question. I will try answering it…

SoulReserve is a taken name. And it is after considerable thought that I adopted it as a pen name. In that sense, it is special.

I started publishing poetry on here a few years ago as a means to document my life-journey as well as to relay inner thoughts. Initially, I held back for not having found the right name, one that would convey the theme and mood of my poetry as well as portray me in the light I wanted to be seen in. I am a reserved person, not used to attention and the incessant social clamouring that goes on social media platforms. I wanted to let the world in on my experiences, but at the same time, I wanted the audience to be aware of my private nature. SoulReserve was naturally befitting.

Since then SoulReserve has become more of a persona, a heightened aspect of my self. I use her as a second-person viewpoint while developing my poetry and writing. She reminds me of my roots, my aspirations as a writer, and my unique perspective – thinking from my soul rather than from my heart or mind.

I hope this answers your question (:

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