Good vibes on a Sunday


I was tagged by @purplemonkeysexgod69​, and @rhapsodyinblue45​ in a list of wonderful blogs, or bloggers. Which I thought was swell, and of course the feeling is mutual. I think I’ll share some good vibes too. 

So here’s a list of people who have always been kind to me, or who have been supportive of my writing throughout the years. People who have been tagging me for tumblr games, or just talking to me. Forcing me out of my shell haha. Generally just people who give me good vibes. Some of them going as far back as to when I first started writing on here in April 2015. 

….all right I am talking too much again. Without further ado, these are my wonderful bloggers in random order:

@randomlyjay​ / @fakesurprise

(at the risk of forgetting someone important, I am pressing ‘post’ now)

All my favourites are in here! Thank you for making my day/week/month <3

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