God of the Indifferent

I am moving at the speed of light,
looking at life,
like I am coming at it,
from above the clouds and into frantic minds,
of Gods,
who made it;
Placed it here on Earth,
with still-born hands of abandon;
Who gave us a will,
a body, a womb and instincts,
to do more harm than good;
Contraptions, they discarded;
They left us,
with no trace of their being,
here with us,
deciphering their schemes for us;
Entertaining the fanatics;
Plunging us with gravity,
to push us back,
into the abyss;
Heaven forbid, we learn to fly,
or crawl back out,
like ants on a bowl;
We are a collective,
from the animal and the God,
they both lay extinct,
within us all;
above us all;
below us all;
And we are yet indifferent.

© soulreserve 2015

(For poetryriot prompt ‘Heaven Forbid’)

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