For Meg


Meg was stirring in a whimsical dream
Meandering through a solitary hiatus.
She promptly took a detour underneath sunbeams that sprinkled fortitude. A blue jay dropped an intricate invitation that echoed, “Patience will anchor your storms.”

Meg embraced the empty static while drenching her aches with lavender oil. As she looked up a blossom intertwined with a fiddle and the metronome of life stood still.
A kitty walked by saying, “ ‘off to the dentist.’ If anything happens who will cry when I die?”

Hilarious thoughts filled Meg’s mind as she awoke thinking the nonsensical dream gave her serenity and strength. She was ‘going to be mostly off tumblr for a few days’ but knew all the writers wished her well & to take time to heal.

Collab with Tony from @ajttk and
I don’t give a….ooops @idgafredux
-thank you for the use of your words in the singular quote marks.

@just-4-thought likes the idea of borrowed words to create a new piece, I borrowed a word from each of you:
@rhymesalot @undertheheart @mycrumplednotebook @wordrummager @teaberrybee @towardsnihility @sonador-reveur @soulreserve @suzyhazelwood @cherokeeghostwriter @ceeslife @barbaranestor @street-heart-posts @nosorryforyou @madeofsaltwater @writteninjoy2 @hangingoninquietdesparation @fakesurprise @mariposamorena69 @dreamcatcher-777 @teacup13 @madworlddiary @quietdissidentlyricist @desayunogratis

This is warm and loving <3

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