Fly Together

Our hearts are migrating,
leaving these distant scenes,
and coming closer still;
There will be thoughts,
and fissures may break free,
around fault lines;
We will deal delicately,
tread gracefully;
There is fullness found in emptiness,
when the old is discarded,
dusted and turned,
inside out,
laid in the sun;
It is then filled up,
with new songs;
We see each other again,
and this time,
without expectations,
without morose doubts,
and self-inflicted impositions;
We are set free,
to come together in love,
like the doves,
flying over the wide seas;
For infinite pastures,
and common grounds,
for the sake of the bonds,
to live,
and to heal.

© soulreserve 2015

(For the poetryriot prompt “The Fullness Found In Emptiness”)

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