we are
neither of the
nor of this universe,
we are earthen-made,
cast in mud
baked with thunderstorms and
erupting volcanoes,
our souls sing songs
and we rise
etched with rivers like veins
and rockfaces
while the calm moon gazes
down on us with love.


your breath
mingles with mine
over a bittersweet sigh,
you say my name
like a prayer,
we yearn
for one another
like sails
of ships at-large
in the placid sea
bidding a breeze,
we embrace,
two souls lost and
found in one another,
it is hard to say
where I end and
you begin.


we melt
rainwater caught in an
open vessel,
our hearts like rivers
splaying into the vast sea,
and our poems
dewy promises,
we plunge
waterfalls that pitch
into the deep unknown,
there are caves
that will always carry
the sound of us
then trickling down.


we are kindlings
and burned,
we are crimson
in the throes
of wild passion,
like the heat of
that gently
warms the earth,
our touch
warms the stars
that sprinkle
the cosmos.


we are spare
we reclaim
abandoned dreams
and homes that lie in ruins now,
we settle
soft like dust
on the mantle of passing time,
we are memories
light on a few days,
and heavy on others,
but always filled
with hope.

© SoulReserve 2018

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