degrees of separation

I turn around and
there you are. your eyes
sparkling like
wine, your eyes
that give away nothing. your words
soft and curling
like they’ve arrived fresh
from your gentle mouth, sweet tongue
insistent lips. your voice
I’ve known intimately
that often calls me in my sleep.

I focus on the
distance separating us.

there is so much of you
that has lain in my arms, that
has awoken and satiated and awoken again
that I curve along the length of the
tilting room and drift ever so
slightly. I hold on to the ground
with unsteady feet so I don’t
collapse into you. words
and emotions and decisions
I repeat to my heart
so it doesn’t feel quite as hollow. like
when you walked out and a bolt
fell into place closing the door
behind whatever it is
that cries with me every night
every night since.

© SoulReserve 2020

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