Tumblr crushes challenge: where you post your own favorite blogs to spread positivism and get your amazing blogger-friends some more followers!

Rules are simple: if you’re tagged, show off your tumblr crushes and tag your post #mytumblrcrushes. Ofc you don’t have to do it but why pass an opportunity to make someone’s day with this?

I was tagged by the lovely @september-stardust, so that’s already the first blog you should check out! Now, I’m going to tackle this a little bit differently because I have too many writers I’d love to mention. So I’m going to post my current top five writers; people whose work I pounce on to immediately devour as soon as I get the notification they’ve produced something new: 

1: @smakkabagms
2: @haikkun
3: @soulreserve
4: @cruxymox
5: @storiavitali

Make no mistake, it was very hard for me to put this top five together! And I’m already thinking of honourable mentions and whatnot. I don’t like choosing, you see. Not at all. But I did. Knowing me the only other option would be writing down all the writers I read on the daily. 

I am so touched Mark, such a beautiful compliment! One I’ll forever treasure <3 <3 <3 Thank you!

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