I am immersed in you
seamlessly – like the breath
that fills and un-fills
my lungs,
like water that
ebbs and flows
inside of me,

but you are fire and blood
red-hot and simmering,
I have lost everything tranquil
to the thought of you.

you are the chaos
that erodes and abrades
burns, and turns everything to
cinder, smoke and ash. 

I let you
lick the edges of me
into shape
warmed, where I am cold
touched, where I haven’t been touched
felt, where I am unfelt.
and I tame
your raw unevenness. tether your longings.
and bring you into balance.
draw you so you are held now
like amber liquid
sparkling inside my bosom.

our union is the rapture
that breathes stars into the galaxies.

© SoulReserve 2020

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