Confessions of a Night Soul

if I could say a word, such that it meant to convey
without convincing, deluding, just relay…
skipping the hopeless voices from my mind
that speak all at once, or show pictures that blur and blind
and I tear up or tear down, my own
and I huddle up or hurtle down, I am blown
My spirit that flies is caught in a net of lies
wrung tight
and I am left gasping for hope
too breathless to divulge
I wouldn’t know what to say
I would keep wanting to stray

In my heart I know
yours is the heart that pains more
sacrifices have a way of driving guilt
if there was another way relationships could ever be built
broken castles crowd my horizon
and I hesitate to collect ransom

moving on my soul collides with God
maybe he knows the odds,
that blame me not…

© soulreserve 2015

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