cogito ergo sum

“I think therefore I am”

I am that thought,
left in the crevices,
of your mind,
away from what others could read;
I am tempting, soft
my essence is full of life,
spilled free;
Yet you keep me caged,
never let me find
enough cause to escape;
I am captivated there inside,
caught, and brought out again and again
for your perusal,
your gentle inquest;
You think me, this way and that
read my signs,
ponder my lies, my truths, my lines;
Lipread the words I want to utter
you hush me up, keep me under control
hear what you want and discard,
the babbles;
I am your plaything,
you decide
how much of me is a figment,
of your imagination,
and how much you want me to be real;
You define, interpret, my being there
you paint my image,
unclothe me and then feel me up,
fill you up, with wanting more…
never letting me know
you thought so…

© soulreserve 2015

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