I have arrived in thought, numerously,
to those places inside my mind, where,
light never glints and the fading corners fuse;
I always find, doors tightly shut,
windows boarded closed;
It is inconsequential,  
to debate the reasons for this obscurity,
from my own self,
for in a way everyone is concealed,
behind shells of their own making,
safe-keeping parts of them,
pure and unadulterated;

Here I have sequestered,
a lifetime away from scrutiny,
festered into relapsing memories;
I am not complete, I am best ambiguous,
Yet I am not incomplete?

Now my senses are sublimated,
induced drugged with foibles,
as I begin to furiously dig
away seeking, the shadows, with every step,
the chiaroscuro...the dance of dark and light within me
I feel myself elongate like the flame of a candle,
and curve and break into an abstraction;
Then I congeal in the hands of the nefarious incubus
who has eyes of amber;
I feel love take me in its hideous paws,
and break my wishbone-backbone insouciantly;
I become the lake, aloof, mysterious, placid…
and then just as quickly I erupt into the crashing waves of the sea,
that dab my fires and evoke a different turmoil;

I am stymied by my half-humorous perversities,
my attempts at dissecting my whole;
The inexorable irony of it,
that my fugues should be the sole reason I query,
into the dismal,
without any means possible,
to define these blurry prints permanently.

© SoulReserve 2015 

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